Wednesday, 9 March 2011

yumi the sugar glider~~

hurm..finally get the chance to update my blog..i wasnt dat busy..last week was a vacation week!! uweee!! i went to bandung n just got back to malaysia last flight arrived at 6.10pm..then i arrived at home at about 7.30pm..rushing to the toilet to get ready for my best fren's wedding at kl which tentatively started at 8.30pm..arrived at the hall at 9pm..enjoying the dinner and safely arrived home at 12midnight..

on sunday, hang out with my best frens (from the last nite)...purposely went out to cheer up one of them since she was so down n really needs us there..cant exposed here y she was so sad.. T.T  huhu..although i was soo damn tired...knowing that shes now happy..looking at her smiles on that day..i was relief..thank Allah..

let's check out the video -->

she's cool..doesnt she?? hihihi~

love yumi lotss!! i'll update on my fren's wedding later..will do for trip to bandung first..kyaaaa~

*A smile can easily bright up one's SMILE ALWAYS*

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