Tuesday, 18 January 2011

what to write..? -_-"

huahuahua chihuahua..been a while I didnt write so much..it's not because I was toooo bz..tooo lazy? dun think so..yeap..now i can recall y..

it was my internet connection! since i overused it..then the speed was reduced..kedekut btol bb service provider ni..xbg chance lgsg kn?hahaha~

so..rsnye dekat due mggu i didnt surf much..sbb the speed was too slow..n im not a very patient one..n i hate to wait..so better off i dont use it at all..rite?hehhee~

there hasnt been much going for the past few weeks..the workload was so-so..had dinner at kenny rogers with my siblings since they offered buy one free one which lasted for a day ONLY..hahahaha~

however last thursday was a blast!! i went for a photoshoot with my colleagues for our co coming event..i wasnt the model, of course! not because i wasnt pretty..but i have to be the videographer..heh~~ maybe next time i can be the model plak la kn kn kn? nk wat cane..this one was organized by my team..cm xmalu plak tbe2 committee mau photoshoot same..nnt org kate tamak..sume nk kebas..heheh~ the pics turn out great i think..n one of my teammate has done the teaser..it was cute..but cant upload it here looo..huhu~ sorry morry~~

lets take a look at one of the pics..btw..the theme was teamwork..hohoho~

hehhee..comel x? tp bole upload ni je k..

okla...xtau nk ngomel ape lg..till next time k~~ hohoho~

next thursday, my dept will organize kite competition! laterr~~

*TEAM : Together Everyone Achieves More ^_^*

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