Tuesday, 25 January 2011


People who did vandalism are FOOLS!! - ones who act unwisely on a given ocassion..

Bad words to call them are stupid bastards!

I dont quite have an idea of their age ranges..but no matter how old they are.. they are totally stupid..they are so stupid, they cant even think of consequences they might caused to themselves if they were involved in accidents due to vandalism...haha! what a stupid stupid bastards! i hope one day they will have to face the effects of vandalism by themselves..the sooner the better..

last sunday, when i was on my way to my sister's house..i used a small road..it is what we called 'jalan kampung'..n the road has a lot of corners! at one of the corners, there was construction in progress..so due to that, lorries come and go along the road..n there were 3 big signs of 'SLOW'..i can say that if there were no signs..drivers might run into lorries n accident can happened..so i was relief knowing that there were signs..however, when i passed the road..i noticed that one of the signs was vandalized by some idiots!! the letters were erased..and they add letter 'A' at the end of it then it became '...WA'..I didnt manage to take the picture of it cuz i was driving..but i was really mad at it..cuz if that idiots can think properly..IF  a driver missed the other signs and was aware that there were signs and manage to look at meaningless sign, they might not be cautious of what's coming..n then BOOM! it's quite a simple thought, isnt it? 

Hey, idiots out there! ARE YOU THAT STUPID??

*some people dont realize they are stupid when they really are*


  1. SLOW LA!!! aih.. pakai spek baca leklok.. bukan org tambah A la.. org gi spray buang SLOW LA!!! tu.. inappropriate kot.. tak serius!

  2. thats how i look at it..different ppl..different thoughts..no?

    btw,thanx for reading.. :)

  3. nope.. fact is a fact.. hahaha.. faggot is a faggot.. hahaha

  4. gadio mung ni anon..penin ghakkk...hahaha!