Monday, 31 January 2011

How could you manage to smile?

I bought The Malaysian's Women Weekly today..thats one of my fav mag..not really because of the expensive stuffs they write on..but basically because of the nice recipes they provide..though there were not much recipes in it..hahahaha~ but one of my fav part is my story if im not mistaken ( too lazy to check..hahaha~)

this month title for my story is..'my bff stole my lover'.. topic,isnt it?

to cut the story short, it's actually about a girl and her very best friend (at first la..) they were so close..the girl doesnt really bother having her bf picks up her bff at her office..which I would definitely not going to allow that..n one day when the girl ask her lover about going into serious relationship, the lover doesnt seem agree with that point of time, the girl was not aware of whats happening..n later the bff called her n confessed..n then she realized..the next day, the lover smsed the girl..dumping her..with an excuse he had fallen for someone else..duhhh..what a jerk!! like the girl doesnt know whos hes falling for..

after reading the story, I wonder how one could be happy after stealing other ppl's happiness specially someone who is so close to you? deeper thought, how one could even smile after hurting her loved ones..??

Ive had an experience when I accidentally dating someone who already has a gf..when i knew about heart broken..i didnt know what to do..i was sooo pissed off at my ex..then we broke up..n we got back together..but it didnt go well cuz the incident really haunted me...cuz at that time i wasnt sure whether he really loved me or not..finally we really broke up..hahahhaa~ thats y i wonder how one could even possibly do that to their close ppl..cuz i didnt manage to do it to even a stranger..knowing that someone was hurt because of our actions, it's hard to live peacefully ya know..darnnn

*karma - things you did to other ppl might get to you back someday*

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