Monday, 20 May 2013

When a lot of things changed..

I used to speak up my mind..and I figured out most of my girl friends pretended to like me and befriended me but they talk bad about me behind my back..I just found out about it from the boy friends..

So later I slowed down and as time passed by, I have stopped speaking up my mind..most of the things I did in a group conversation were to agree with one of them so I would not be the one whose different from the others..this happened even though I was not in the same agreement with them..I used to have different persepective..

However I realized I was not happy and I slowly tried to speak up my the existence of this blog..

Now..I have some courages to speak up..and I have followed one group conversation that was participated by my good friends..and I was disagreed with the whole idea they were bringing up and it also involved my religion of which they did not realize a bit about it..I waited and waited if anybody in the has different idea..but there was none!!at first I decided to just let go and move on..but it kept hunting me because I didnt correct my friends even though I knew at least 50% of confidence that they might be wrong bout it..I might not be right either..but the chances were 50-50..

Then I talked about it to my husband and he insisted me to at least speak something..cuz thats the smallest thing I can according to I did..

Later I realized they did not response to my view..none of them did..and I assumed they might have created another group and excluding myself in the group..

Was my doing wrong? I dont know..hopefully it was my bad feeling only..husband adviced me to always thought good of people..and never make bad assumptions on them unless they confessed it to be true..


*things change when people changed*

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