Sunday, 21 April 2013


It's been a while..been busy with work and a little lazy to update anything..the pictures are there..but the mood is nowhere to be found..huhu..

I have a husband who doesnt eat japanese's like a huge NO to him..but one day..

' terasa nk makan ramen la..' and gulp..what?? Did I hear it wrongly? No..I did not..hows that can happen? Hihihi..

Because of this..............

How did he know bout this? day, I was really2 feel like eating ramen..but the closest I can find thats halal is in shah alam..resulted from my googling day I'll eat ramen at oshima searched and keep on searching until I found a blog talking bout this instant ramen..

I quickly went to the store and bought one for me as a trial..while eating, I offered to him to give it a try and I was quite impressed that he liked it..heheheehe..

Today, we went to the store to buy some groceries and we got us 6 of them as there were some discounted price for buying more..wooohooooo!!!

And thats how he ended up asking for ramen tonight..hehehe

*people always change*

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