Tuesday, 30 November 2010

trust vs change

np trust vs change? i dun really actually know how to relate this two..but what i learned today is ppl change once you break their trust...because i believe this is somewhat an action of protecting ownself..bkn ke?

rsnye simple mcm ni je kot..A kwn ngn B..then one day A accidentally betrayed B..np aku ckp accidentally?sbb bile kt tnye np wat mcm tu..org slalu ckp..xtau plak klo buat mcm tu awk saket ati..damn! ade mulut bole tnye kn?hahaha..hello?common sense! again...

ok..cth nye mende mcm tu berlaku..even A mntk maaf mcm mn pn..agak2 B will stay the same x?die akan act d same way die act before kne betray x ngn A?

as simple as that kn? my answer will be no..y?cuz if i were at B's place..i wudnt look at A d same way at looked at A before..

moral of the story:try as much possible not to break other ppl's trust unless u dont care..

*it's not easy to gain trust but it is easy to break trust*

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