Friday, 19 November 2010

ethics among engineers..

skema gile title kn? heh~ tbe rs cm nk ckp psl ethic..y?sbb td terbc my cousin's nyer status kat fb asking bout facts related to ethics among engineers..

hurm..i dont want to talk about it in general but want to narrow down to pharmaceutical industry..since this is the industry i was involved guess ive seen so many things happened in it..ok..i cudnt manage to find time to get the real facts..but this is basically my own views on this particular things..huahuahua..ape yg aku merepek ni..

nk ckp psl ethics eh..for is quite a lottttt~~ but we can actually understand it logically la..just like my mom always remind me..'COMMON SENSE!!' hell yeah..ive been reminding with that for years that time, i dont quite understand whats the exactly common sense means to her..cuz for everything i did,she kept on talking bout common sense..blurghhh..boooooringgg~!

tp rupe2nye..sgt bergune bile bekerje..snanye bergune setiap bile dh aku's somewhat very important to keep ur job secured..alamak~ dh melencong plakk..erkkkkk...gome2~

ok..msk blk psl ethics..sbg engineer, for me..we hv to be honest in wutever we our reports..our records..our processes..all those sort of things..n if we did a mistake..we hv to report it..cuz when we gv a real thought on in the pharma industry..thats definitely will deal with humans a small mistake i made..may cause disaster to other ppl's life..dats simple right?

selaen honest..we hv to hv the passion..even if we dont..then why dont try to develop it,no? because y..without passion we wudnt do the work wholeheartedly..n when that happened, high possibility we make mistakes..sbb ade jugak pnah aku nmpk dak2 yg xsuke ngn keje ikut suke ati je..xkesah pn..tu br dak2 biase..cube klo engineer?n dat particular engineer is the one whos responsible in making cane??klo xde passion..n when problem occurred, engineer tu ngn selambe je wat decision sukati n xpk btol2..sbb ade mind set 'klo jd pape,bkn aku yg rugi..'

hurm..bhy x klo xde ethics..?

hurm...byk lg klo nk pnat la plak..hihihi~ nnt la one day aku bg talk on ethics k..xpn bole la bc buku ethics ke..just for a reminder..

*your action is your responsibility*

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