Sunday, 24 October 2010

when u gained prepared to lose something..

hurm..the title reminds me of my chemistry subject during secondary school..or matriks ek?lpe..if im not mistaken, thermodynamic balancing ke?or atomic? dh xingt the principle is so great! applies everywhere..ur secare general la kat mn2! hahaha~

i was on fb just now..n read my frens' comments..diorg claimed i was so good to be able to be an be able to apply things that we studied during the university days before..cuz not all of us were able to secure a job related to our studies..some of em said 'hebatla nana..' but..

thinking bout it again..bersyukur sgt dpt secure job yg related ngn minat n field diorg terlpe..the balancing principle..u get something..u lose something..huhu~ so far..lps dh keje setaun..i missed quite a lot of things..i didnt hv time to keep in touch with my frens..i even forgot their birthdays..working in somewhat fast-pace-required place..i wasnt able to keep track on dates..i kept on working only to realize that 2 weeks were already passed..however, it's not like i was bz all the time..but the free times i had were not enough to get updates on my family n frens..yg sedihnye..aku dh krg spend ms ngn adek2 aku..sedar2,one of em dh settle ngn spm trial xms..xsempat nk ajar die btol2..even pnah skali i promised her i'd go home to support her since shes having add math paper the next aku blk umah..dh mlm..n tersgt pnat..sempat tgk2 die kejap..dh kne prepare utk g keje ralat seb baek die ok.. letih keje mcm mcm addicted..byk kali try cr keje xpnah seriously applied for other jobs..sbb tiap2 kali cr keje br..hati rs berat je nk tuka keje..syg sgt keje ni..cume utk ms dpn bile dh berkeluarge..mgkn terpkse sacrifice..sbb xnk ilang ms utk family..sbb i believe..atr minat n mase utk yg tu lg penting..sbb skali ilang ms tu..kt xkn pnah dpt blk..this is what my heart tells me for the moment..i might change..but hopefully i will hold on to this when it requires me to..

*equilibrium principle: gain something = lose something*

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