Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Never trust people

Yeap..never trust people..cuz at anytime they will break it..pufff..juz like that..damn it!

Ari ni i moody n mrh gile! this is because of my stupid housemates! arghhh!! geram sgt2! cte nye cemni..currently we all ade 4 org..termsk myself..so ade A, ade B, and ade C..nk jd cerite..C nk move out by the end of the month..n A (who is my fren too..double damn!) told me..so i told her i want to move in the room when C is out..then die ok..mlm tu i blk umah parents i..then mlm tu gk A gtau B bout C's moving out..at this point of time i xtau that A was telling B the room is empty then..OMG!! cuz the next day when i re confirm (cuz i had a bad feeling bout that on that day la)..die reply 'kn nana dh ckp semlm..' n tbe2 die pass note kat i saying that i need to be faster cuz B nk blek tu jugak..then i told her..kn i dh bgtau u..so xde mslh la..then she said ok..tp i stil had the bad feeling then i msg B regarding that..then B ckp..die xtau i nk msk blek tu..sbb die pn nk blek tu..sbb die nk share ngn org utk krgkn sewe..tp i ckp kat die i dh gtau A dlu..so cane?then she changed the topic n i tot it was ok..

but this morning..A told B called her regarding that n she wants the room! F*** B la!! bodo nk mampos!! i bengang gile!! n A asked me to re consider?? triple damn here!! i was like..OMG!! i yg mtk dlu kn??ape ni..???n u r my fren,dude?? asal u xckp yg mmg i nk blek tu dlu? n u asked me to reconsider?? bangang x ko wat gitu?? aku mmg sgt bengang..n dr pg sp ptg i nyer temper xcool lg..sbb bengang..n rs cm kne betrayed plak..n that f***ing B..ko pegi mampos!! selfish k! sbb ko nk krgkn sewe ko..aku plak yg kne ngalah?? n every weekend ko enjoy..nope..weekdays pn same..everyday ko merokok..ko siap pkai kete..n yet..org kne tggung ko susah?dh tau gaji xbesa mn..nk pkai kete..merokok..bole plak ko spend rokok sekotak seploh hengget yg ko beli ntah bp kali tu?? dh tetiap ari ko merokok ptg tgh mlm..bp kotak ko beli semggu?bole afford plak??mule pkai moto pastu tuka kete..bole afford plak?? ape bangang sgt ko ni?? aku benci gile ko!!

conclusion nyer..amek je la ko master bedroom tu..tp lps ni..selaen blek aku..aku xnk amek port dh psl umah tu..paip nk rosak ke..kunci nk rosak ke..gas bocor ke..xde kne ngene ngn aku dh..bodo..kt berlembut ati..org pijak2 paler plak..mcm taik!!

so ppl..dont trust anybody..n xyh bg muke sgt kat org..cuz in d end..they dont care bout ur feelings..

*I dont mess with pplcuz i dont like ppl messing with me..but when they start messing around..i'll mess with them back!*

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