Tuesday, 21 December 2010

my W.O.R.K..

hurm..i think ive fallen for my work..

just now, when i was ironing my bj kurung for tmrw..my head cant stop thinking bout how to improve the process that i was involved in..n it goes on and on..n i cant wait for tmrw to do the calculations (owh..i love math!)..i think i hv my own theory but i need something to support it..hurm..n i planned to cont doing it during my 1-week vacation (if i cudnt figure out the solution be4 the end of the week) which starts next week..but then to think bout it once again..ive already made a promise to myself to stop thinking bout work for the whole week n enjoy the week cuz thats actually my year end vacation (yes..i didnt take much leaves to save for the end of the year..hehe)..so hopefully i can solve it by this friday or at least to get a back up plan..or alternatives...cuz i think i shud focus on my grandpa who is not well for the whole next week..right??

Dear my beloved brain,

Lets work faster tomorrow until Friday.. XD


*Passion can give you satisfaction*


  1. taroklah sikit gambar kat blog baru menarik.

  2. hahaha~ bkn serius pn join blog ni..rs nk tulis je br tulis..nnt la ble rajen nana mskkn gamba k~~ hehehe~