Monday, 27 September 2010

if you set ur love free..will you be happy?

hurm..what a day..ari yg xbest tmbh ngn emosi yg xstable..result in gloomy day..darn..~!

last nite..i found a letter given by chi 2 years back..time tu sy xberminat ngn mn2 n sgt2 xsuke xlyn in the letter, he told me he was upset..he wanted to contact me so badly but he cancelled it cuz he knew i wudnt bother to answer or entertain him..die ckp..die nak nak nak nak sgt ckp ngn die kuat kn ati xcontact..reading the letter, i realized..this is not the same person..die skang..xhingin pn contact sy..klo call pn x..msg apetah n msg sume free..hehehe..sedihnye..

then mlm tu..we talked on the phone i brought up the letter dgr jwpn die..buat sy lg sedih..wondering is he really love me? or hes with me because hes so happy that his dream girl is with him..after yrs of waiting? sbb die ckp..die yg skrg n die yg dlu sgt laen..die yg dulu..suke sgt3 kat die yg skrg suke as in bkn sgt3 mcm dlu..sbb die bhgi2 kn suke/syg tu kat org laen gk..bkn kat sy org..part tu xsedih sgt..yg jd sedih..bile die ckp..die sunyi kwn2 die xde..die sdh xdpt nk keep in touch ngn kwn2 die..i was like..'awk dgn awk sdh sbb kwn2 awk ape kat awk snanye?'.. i shudnt be so sad..cuz it is's just that it's hard to digest the fact that it is one-sided love..hahaha~ no wonder he wudnt bother contacting me all this while..

talking bout this..teringt..klo 1 crite..ade part 1 n part 2..part 2 slalu xdpt sambutan..u know y..cuz the second part is a shudnt be made to public..yeah..juz like mine..our 2nd part is a mistake..yes..he used to hv a feeling for me..but it was gone long time ago..when he already met d other person..when i ignored him few yrs back..

so.. i decided to let him go................

*'s love hurts :_(*

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